Lisa Mann

Artist Statement
I have been an artist my whole life- I just didn't always know how this art would express itself. As a counselor, an educator, a mom, and a traveler, it has always been the creative expressions in these endeavors that have continued to draw me into a more inspired life. I am influenced by travel, and its ability to bring us out of our comfort zone – and into a realm where we feel more connected to the natural world and its inhabitants. My art is a reflection of collected stories from a lifetime of adventures. It is an expression of a feeling of a place, which comes through in my colors and gestures.
For the most part, I am a self-taught artist. Tapping into the emotion of a place, my intention is for the art to walk the line between what we see and what we perceive. I hope you find it as worthy to explore as I do to share.

The Process:
Cold wax medium is a paste of beeswax and a small amount of solvent. It has a soft, butter-like consistency. By adding the cold wax paste to oil paints, I work in layers to add textures, lines and form. The wax allows for some transparency of the colors and for the different layers to show through, adding depth to the painting. Like a story being written-layer upon layer- a painting is created, and then scraped back to reveal pieces of its past.

Lisa Mann is originally from Michigan, but has had the opportunity to both travel and live overseas extensively. Travel has given her great perspective and the desire to connect with the essence of a place – those abstract and intangible feelings that don’t come from photos or text books, but rather- from “being there”. It is this experience that she brings so vividly into her artwork. She is a largely self- taught artist. In addition to psychology, education, and counseling, Lisa dabbled in all things creative in college. She worked for 20 years in the field of education and counseling, both in the US and abroad, before returning to her artwork. Over the past several years, she has immersed herself in creating abstract art, utilizing oil paints mixed with cold wax medium. Like a story being written, the process involves building a painting layer by layer, adding texture, line, form, memories, emotions... and then scraping back through the wax to reveal pieces of the painting’s past. Lisa traveled to Ireland this past year to study with artists in residence who have mastered this technique.

This year, she has had the honor of being a part of juried competitions from California and Washington state to New Hampshire, winning honorable mention in several of them. Currently Lisa’s studio is in Portland, Oregon.