Karen Kohtz

As a native of the Pacific Northwest, Karen previously shared her studio time between Seattle, Washington and Sedona, Arizona. She recently relocated to the Southeast to the beautiful state of Virginia. All three areas are different, yet magnificent places, where breathtaking terrain and vivid colors seep into her paintings. Karen’s work is primarily abstract with a hint of realism. While nature, architecture, and natural elements have always been strong inspirations, She consider herself a “stream of consciousness” artist. Painting intuitively, allowing the art to flow through her, as part of her creative process. Karen’s objective is to bring a connection between the art and the viewer. Together they both complete and refine each painting through personal thought, emotion, and of course, the extraordinary imagination that is part of us all.

Her early years of training as an artist began with traditional methods, such as oil, acrylic, encaustics painting, and printmaking.

Karen’s work has evolved since then, as the ebb and flow of creative process always does. Her work is ever-changing, but one thing remains the same, the beauty of art, and her sheer love of it all.