Jonlee Nunn

Artist Statement

I paint with abandon, swishing paint around the canvas using bright colors. I love line and movement directing the viewer to wander through the painting. Frequently I stop and look at my progress, often the painting tells me what I need to do next. Usually I paint in a series, developing an idea, following where it leads me. In a recent series of women in bright red dresses, I played with color and bold line to reflect the strength and resilience I see in the women I know. This series is exciting and fun for me.

Recently I have been working on my house series. In my childhood I loved walking through neighborhoods, looking at lighted windows; imagining the happy families inside. I still enjoy wandering through the neighborhoods of Seattle where I grew up. A love affair with nature - trees, flowers, green hills, mountains, water - has inspired many of my landscapes. My abstracts reflect the power, movement and serenity of the natural world and my fascination with it.

Award winning artist Jonlee Nunn was born and raised in Seattle, WA.  She fondly remembers the adventures of making forts in the woods below her childhood home in West Seattle and walking through tree lined paths and parks, sparking her love of nature.  Taking night drawing and painting classes at the University of Washington while in high school inspired her to major in Art. Jonlee received her B.A in Arts and Sciences, and went to graduate school for her teaching degree. Jonlee continues to pursue her life-long passion for art, wandering through Museums in England, France and Italy, and taking classes and workshops from painters she admires. She has shown in various galleries, won awards in Juryed Shows and is currently a member of Co-CA Center of Contemporary Arts and Seattle Co-Arts.