Joe Mac Kechnie

Northwest artist Joe Mac Kechnie, educated in and successful with traditional drawing and painting techniques and styles, has always had a love and curiosity for contemporary and abstract art. While still having a representational and identifiable component in his recent works of art, he has been pushing his art more to the abstract.

In his current works, Joe starts a painting with “non-objective” mark making. During this phase of painting, he focuses on design, big shapes, values, color, rhythm and movement. Once this is done, he then proceeds to incorporate more representational elements using reference materials, Plein Air scenes or his imagination, whether it be a landscape, portrait or still life. This approach relies heavily on his intuitive nature and past art training in different mediums and styles. 

 In recent years Joe’s advancement in fine art has been focused on developing his skills in drawing and painting through practice and teaching. For him, art is a language for making visible his creative visions. His goal is to continue to expand his understanding of artistic techniques so they become the natural tools for self-expression and storytelling. He seeks qualities that are elusive, difficult to depict and portray. Painting for him is about sharing his view as he witnesses and savors the visual moment.