Join us in celebrating the newest addition to the modern art market

Cole Contemporary

hosted by Cole Gallery
107 5th Ave South, Edmonds, WA 98020 425-697-2787
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Cole Contemporary, a new online art gallery, is dedicated to showing a selection of the best
contemporary art on the Northwest art scene.

 Cole Contemporary delves into the beauty of Abstraction,
the kinetics of Expressionism and the calming influence of contemplative art. 

We invite you to savor the modern art we love and explore art forms reflecting the artist's soul.

New to
Cole Contemporary


Sue Robertson
“I work from my imagination, it goes wherever the painting takes me. I call my work Joyful Art because creating it brings so much joy to me.”

Jonlee Nunn
 My abstracts reflect the power, movement and serenity of the natural world and my fascination with it."

Cheryl Walle
“Painting is like breathing for me. If I’m not in my studio, I begin to feel deprived of a fundamental need. It’s where I make meaning.”   


Our Artists

Cole Contemporary ~ Born from Cole Gallery


After celebrating ten years of showing Impressionist and realist art at Cole Gallery, we wanted to expand our vision by creating a platform to showcase truly contemporary art, and Cole Contemporary, an online art gallery, was born. 

"I believe that a gallery should endeavor to present a cohesive presentation of art and I found that it was challenging to mix abstract, contemporary art within our traditional setting at Cole Gallery. I had a vision for a new look, a fresh modern approach, which is informed by design and inspired from modern art, with fresh bold colors and shapes, new concepts, and a diverse perspective." 
Denise Cole, Owner