Ellen Busteed

Artist Statement
I am a fully committed abstract artist. I paint from the inside out. Although I make deliberate choices about color, technique, line and form, my subconscious is the guide. I never know what will evolve and I love the unknown outcomes and freedom the process of painting provides me. The key is to just let it happen. Painting is, for me, a joy, a becoming, an affirmation, a source of adventure and tremendous fun.

I have learned many lessons from painting. I have learned to let go, to move with the process, and to trust that exactly the right expression of my inner self will emerge. I am always curious about what will take my painting to the next level.  There is a relief that comes to me by expressing what is within to the broader world. The spontaneity of painting allows liberation from preconceived conclusions, anticipated outcomes and expectations. My hope is that you connect with the freedom, color and energy of my work.

Ellen Busteed grew up in the San Francisco bay area. She moved to Seattle 16 years ago where she currently resides.  After a successful career as a registered nurse and a part-time artist, Ellen now focuses exclusively on her career as an abstract artist. Throughout her life she has been passionate about art. She has exhibited regionally in Washington and Utah and has developed expertise in acrylic painting, collage, silk and fabric painting and jewelry making. Ellen is a versatile artist and as an abstract painter is well versed in a multitude of painting techniques which, in conjunction with her innate artistic qualities, allows her inner reality to become visualized through painting. 

In the past 15 years Ellen has been fortunate to work and learn from a number of accomplished abstract artists, including: Robert Burridge Arroyo Grande, CA, Nancy Reyner, Santa Fe, NM and Virginia Paquette-Smith Seattle, WA. An important component of Ellen’s artistic development has been a four-year involvement with an abstract painting collective that has nourished and supported her development as an artist.

Ellen’s paintings are alive with color, line and movement. They readily evoke strong feelings and new understanding by the viewer. Her artistic joy is clearly evidence in her vivid and bold paintings.