Customer FAQ

What is the return policy?
Once artwork is purchased, the customer has seven days to return the art starting on the date the customer receives the shipment. Return shipping is the customers responsibility, and the customer will get a 95% refund (to cover refund processing fees).

What is your Art Lending option?
We want to make sure our customers are in love with every piece of art they buy, which is why we offer an Art Lending option for local customers only. With reasonable advanced notice, you can come into Cole Gallery and pick up the piece(s) you are interested in, and take them home for up to 1 week. If you decide to buy, great! We can run your card over the phone – no need to come in again. If not, the art must be brought back within 7 days of the date it was taken, or the customer will be charged for the full price of the piece if it is not returned by the deadline. Please keep in mind that this option is available for local residents only (or for those who can pick-up and return the piece to the gallery in person). We do not ship artwork for the Art Lending option.

What do I do once I purchase a painting?
Celebrate!! And be patient. We will ship the artwork with a Certificate of Authentication, Receipt, and Artist Bio.

How long will it take for the art to arrive once it is shipped?
The art will be shipped within five days of purchase (giving us time to package it properly and safely), and from there it should arrive within seven days, unless otherwise discussed.

Where and how do you ship artwork?
We ship artwork nationally and internationally but do not cover shipping charges internationally. We ship with UPS or USPS.

How much does shipping cost within the United States?
We cover shipping charges to customers within the United States. Shipping cost for international customers will be determined once the piece is packed and weighed at either UPS or FedEx.

What forms of payment do you accept? Will I be charged tax?
We accept all major credit or debit cards. Washington residents will be charged sales tax and non-Washington residents will not be charged tax.

What should I do if I receive a damaged piece of art (including the frame)?
Call us immediately at 425.697.2787. Take photos and detailed notes of the damage. If the damage is found to be our fault, you will receive a full refund. If the damage is the result of the customer, no refund is guaranteed.

Does Cole Contemporary have a physical location?
Cole Contemporary is an extension of Cole Gallery, which specializes in art from Realism to Impressionism. Artwork from Cole Contemporary is not available for viewing in the gallery daily. However, Cole Gallery will be hosting exhibitions featuring the artwork from Cole Contemporary at least once and possibly twice a year – more information to come online. Customers who use our Art Lending option will pick up the artwork at Cole Gallery. Cole Gallery’s address: 107 5th Ave South, Edmonds WA, 98020.

What do I do if I have more questions?
You should contact Denise Cole, Owner and Manager. See our Contact page for more information.