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Cole Contemporary

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107 5th Ave South, Edmonds, WA 98020 425-697-2787

Cole Contemporary, an online art gallery, is dedicated to showcasing a selection of
the best contemporary art on the Northwest art scene.

 Cole Contemporary delves into the beauty of Abstraction,
the kinetics of Expressionism and the calming influence of contemplative art. 

We invite you to savor the modern art we love and explore art forms reflecting the artist's soul.

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Cole Contemporary



Karen Kohtz
 "I consider myself a “stream of consciousness” artist. I paint intuitively, allowing the art to flow through me, as part of my creative process."

Maëry Lanahan
“There are so many hidden things going on in everyday life.  So many bits of beauty that go unnoticed, so many words left unsaid.  I am compelled to make art that illustrates life beyond the surface.”

Thomas McCafferty
“I want my paintings to be paintings in the most physical sense: objects: canvases covered in pigment and oil: brushed on, spattered on, scraped with a palette knife. I want the materials to be prominent and the techniques evident, working together to attract and hold the attention of the viewer, visually foremost, but also imaginatively, inquisitively, and emotionally. ”   


Our Artists

Cole Contemporary ~ Born from Cole Gallery


After celebrating ten years of showing Impressionist and realist art at Cole Gallery, we wanted to expand our vision by creating a platform to showcase truly contemporary art, and Cole Contemporary, an online art gallery, was born. 

"I believe that a gallery should endeavor to present a cohesive presentation of art and I found that it was challenging to mix abstract, contemporary art within our traditional setting at Cole Gallery. I had a vision for a new look, a fresh modern approach, which is informed by design and inspired from modern art, with fresh bold colors and shapes, new concepts, and a diverse perspective." 
Denise Cole, Owner